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Wonderful Malcontents

Dec 19, 2017

Interview with comic, author, and storyteller Wes Hazard.

If you'd like to see and hear more from Wes you can:

--Check out his debut humor book "Questions For Terrible People" released by Simon & Schuster and available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble
--Check out the storytelling TV Show he co-hosts on PBS &...

Dec 12, 2017

Interview with Stephanie from Mocha Minutes Podcast about being plus size, wonderful and her relationship with her body and "friends".

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Twitter: @mochaminutes
Facebook: Mocha Minutes Podcast

Dragon Con 2016: Renee...

Dec 7, 2017

I talk about giving yourself permission to let go and feel good in your skin. Also, making a reason to be amazing and sexy and free.


Black Chick Watch Podcast Episode 67. Single Chick Watching

Nov 28, 2017

I talk about Meghan Markle and Black women making a difference in predominately white powerful institutions.

Nov 14, 2017

Keep an eye on the self-talk so as not to be a Debbie downer about your body when other people are trying to live out loud. Do your thing and shine even if other people can’t handle your light. “Our deepest fear…” by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in...